Ramm Grundstücksbewirtschaftung
Blütenweg 22
22589 Hamburg
Telephone no. 040 866 24 210
Fax 040 866 24 212

Real estate management

RAGB – Ramm Grundstücksbewirtschaftung – was established in 2005 by Horst-Rudi Ramm. The term “Grundstücksbewirtschaftung” (real estate management) was developed from the underlying principle that the company does not simply see itself as a firm that looks after people’s properties. Managing a property is much more of an active process, with the aim of optimising untapped potential, which is something that is often overlooked. The management process involves targeting such potential in property and then developing it. This may include an assessment of whether extensions are feasible, or examining the possibilities of receiving public subsidies. It’s not about getting caught up in the structure of properties as they are, but rather about utilising potential to boost profit.

RAGB supports both domestic and international investors in the areas of real estate acquisition, assessment (technical due diligence) and management. We currently operate in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Profile of company founder, Horst-Rudi Ramm

  • 1996 onwards: Involved in housing tasks – property acquisition and management
  • 1999: Qualifies as a state-certified property manager
  • 1999–2004: Studies Architecture at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Thesis: independently chosen thesis in Rating and Valuation
  • October 2006: Begins running properties on behalf of foreign investors
  • Since April 2007: Member of the Hamburgische Architektenkammer (Hamburg Association of Architects)
  • 2008: Takes over a number of renovation projects in Hamburg (predominantly housing)
  • 2009: Commences management work in the Düsseldorf region, with over 1,000 units (predominantly housing)


The company’s employees work in the areas of property management, utility and heating costs, financial accountancy, acquisition/due diligence and financing, collections and insurance.